Avoiding Common Pitfalls

  • Always ensure that 3D objects are solid
  • Ensure your dimensions align properly
    • Dimensions are vital: 1 millimeter in FreeCAD is 1 millimeter in real life
  • Control degradation of the model, during transformation w/ the slicer (FreeCAD file -> a G-Code dialect)
    • No printer will be able to directly create a 1:1 replica of the 3D object. Some bit of degradation in quality will occur, ensuring that this stays above your ideal threshold is a necessity.

General Workflow Overview

  1. Model your object within FreeCAD, ensuring to avoid the common pitfalls
  2. Convert your 3D model -> mesh
  3. “Slice” the mesh
  4. Generate G-Code

Preparing Models for 3D Printing: https://wiki.freecad.org/Manual:Preparing_models_for_3D_printing