Software-Based Projects

ValidatinatorTypescript/JavascriptValidatinator is a simple, yet effective, HTML form validation library built for JavaScript/Typescript.
Pelican ReadtimePythonPlugin for the Pelican SSG, which computes average read time of text.
ManipuldatePythonSlightly easier, immutable, date manipulation for python.
Obsidian for HugoGolangA converter for Obsidian-supported syntax → Hugo. Conversion of both the body and front matter are supported.
IntelliFit AITypescript (React)Unique AI personal trainer that is available anytime, anywhere.


Marketing Suite: SEO CopywriterSpecialized in crafting SEO-optimized descriptions for products and services across industries, focusing on clarity, accuracy, and engagement. Enhances online visibility with relevant keywords, maintaining technical depth for credibility. Tailors content to meet specific marketing goals, ensuring readability and user experience standards for web content. Analyzes webpages for SEO performance, offering improvement recommendations.
Marketing Suite: Creative CreatorCreates creatives meant to be used across the web. Create a blog post header image, a landing page hero image, a small profile picture, or more!
Marketing Suite: Competitor AnalysesCompare websites or ideas to competitors, offering insights and improvement tips.
Marketing Suite: Keyword ResearchAssists in keyword research for SEO improvement.