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I’m David Jenkins, and I bring a rich palette of technical skills, a proven track record of scaling Software as a Service (SaaS) projects, and deep expertise in managing robust cloud infrastructures.

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Diverse Programming Expertise

Languages Galore

My programming skillset includes Golang, Ruby, TypeScript, JavaScript, Kotlin, and much more! This diversity enables me to engineer solutions that are both elegant and efficient, tailored to the unique demands of your project.

Full-Stack Development

From crafting intuitive front-ends that engage and captivate your audience to developing powerful, scalable back-ends that drive your business, my full-stack development expertise ensures a holistic approach to building applications that deliver.

Proven SaaS Project Success

Scaling Expertise

Having spearheaded SaaS projects, I understand the nuances of scaling applications to handle millions of users. My approach combines innovative development strategies with data-driven insights to ensure scalable, resilient, and high-performing solutions.

Lifecycle Management

Beyond development, I specialize in the full lifecycle management of SaaS projects, ensuring seamless deployments, continuous integration/delivery (CI/CD), and proactive monitoring for optimal performance and uptime.

Advanced Infrastructure Management

Cloud Mastery

With extensive experience in AWS and GCloud, I architect and manage cloud infrastructures that are secure, scalable, and cost-efficient. My expertise extends to leveraging the latest in cloud technologies to ensure your projects benefit from the highest levels of performance and reliability.

Edge Computing

Embracing the edge computing paradigm, I utilize edge services to bring data processing closer to the end-user, reducing latency, and improving user experiences across global markets.

Why Choose Me?


My broad skill set and adaptability mean I can jump into projects at any stage, from inception to deployment, ensuring continuity and technical excellence.

Collaborative Spirit

I believe in working closely with clients and teams, fostering a collaborative environment that encourages innovation and problem-solving.


Staying abreast of the latest technological advancements, I ensure that your projects not only meet current demands but are poised for future growth and evolution.

Embarking on a project with me means securing a partnership with a dedicated, skilled, and innovative developer who is committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Ready to transform your ideas into reality?

Contact Me and let’s create something remarkable together.